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Wifi City Guide – Interactive City Guide

Stop typing and start clicking on searches with over 2600 preset searches in the latest City Guides and Brochures from the author, R.G.Richardson and more coming every week.

No more typing, just pick and click with over 2600 preset searches for greater accuracy and ease. Stop using paper guides and start using our interactive city search guides and brochures that include Google and Yahoo that never out of date!

Use as white or yellow pages and use it even more often to keep up with what is going on and happening in your city! It also makes for a good gift or promotional item for somebody that has just moved to a new city.  Real Estate agents use it as a promotional tool and you use to check Real Estate listing, condos, or rental apartments available in the city.

With over 210 city guides and brochures for sale on Amazon, Kobo and Indigo and here at a 50% discount RG Richardson City Guides in epub and pdf format.

Don’t have an eReader, no problems as you can get on from Amazon and use then you are all set up with Kindle. You can also download a PDF file to your desktop and you are all set up that way too.

Travel City Guides let you use the internet’s full power by eliminating errors with keywords. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, Facebook, Twitter, Baidu, SlideShare, YouTube or Pinterest; click on the button and you are there; just pick and click the button, no typing. Fully mobile – it works on any device with an eBook reader and that has access to the Internet WiFi anywhere. Don’t think about typing, you are good to go with better results and fewer typos. Sit back in the coffee shop and search away on their WiFi! Our guides are organized into several targeted information Guides including hotels, restaurants, pubs, historical sites, transportation, attractions, real estate and events. Stay up to date with what is happening in your city!

Our interactive ebooks search the web and are organized into several targeted information Guides including Hotels, restaurants, transportation, maps, hostels, pubs, family attractions, historical sites and on it goes for a complete guide that tells you everything you need to know including how to pack!

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31 Thoughts: The hidden benefits of NHL’s big gambling bet

After years of avoidance, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman threw on his wetsuit and dove head first into gambling waters.Here’s what we know: The league followed the NBA’s imprint of a non-exclusive deal with MGM, which allows for multiple partnerships with different casinos and online betting companies. The NHL is not getting a piece of the “book,” simply a flat fee for MGM getting to use its trademarks, logos and eventually, data. (The basketball contract with MGM is reportedly three years and $25 million.)

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Victoria’s Fairmont Empress crowned best hotel in Canada – Victoria News

Hotels across the country were evaluated for their dreamy qualities, and the Fairmont Empress in Victoria took the cake.’s travel writers named 50 of the nation’s best hotels to catch some zzz’s in, combed over for their service, ambience, style and amenities.“There’s something about staying in a great hotel. Staff welcome you back and ask about your day and, in a truly great hotel, it’s sincere. It makes you feel special. Canada has an abundance of great hotels and this made the choice particularly difficult,” Janice Tober, the executive director of Hotel-Addict, said in a press release. Buy Victoria Brochure here

Source: Victoria’s Fairmont Empress crowned best hotel in Canada – Victoria News